Wahl Sigma Trimmer




Wahl Sigma Trimmer
Miniature Corded Trimmer

• Miniature corded and powerful professional trimmer.
• Small fine blade for close trimming. Blade width 32 mm.
• Trimmer body length is only 10 cm – allows movement in areas that are difficult-to-get-to with a full size clipper. Ideal for trimming small breed pets e.g. groin area, armpits, around anus, in-between eyes, inside ear flaps, around mouth, Toy Poodle – face, feet and tail.
• High quality carbon steel blade that can be re-sharpened and replaced.
• Flip-off blade for easy cleaning and replacement.
• Finger ring attachment.
• 4 snap-on cutting combs 1?8? to 1?2?. Ideal for e.g layering head and leg coat on small dogs that is difficult to achieve with a full size clipper.

Kit includes: Trimmer with blade, finger ring, 4 cutting combs, cleaning brush, lubricating oil, and instructions.

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