Shear Magic Ceramic Clipper Blades




Shear Magic Ceramic Clipper Blades
Shear Magic Blades
have a ceramic top blade/cutter – the groomer’s choice for cooler and longer-lasting blades.

Shear Magic Blades
• Sustain optimal cutting performance over long periods of time.
• Remain cool to the touch even with prolonged use.
• Require less sharpening saving you both time and money.
• Resistant to rust minimising blade corrosion.
• Fit all clippers that take A5 size detachable blades.

Ideal for use with high powered, high RPM clippers (e.g. Wahl KM-5 and KM-10, Laube Clippers, Double K and Andis 2-Speed) giving you cooler running blades.

Update your existing blades by replacing the metal top cutter with a ceramic top cutter. Ceramic top cutters sold separately. Fit all major competitor A5 size compatible blades (not narrow or wide blades).

N.B. Changing to the ceramic cutter on blades is not intended to replace re-sharpening. In some cases replacing cutters on dulled or worn out blades may not help.

Shear Magic Ceramic Clipper Blades (with ceramic top cutter)
Code 4662, Size 4, Skip Tooth (9.5 mm).
Code 4664, Size 4F, Full Tooth (9.5 mm).
Code 4666, Size 5, Skip Tooth (6.3 mm).
Code 4668, Size 5F, Full Tooth (6.3 mm).
Code 4670, Size 7, Skip Tooth (3.2 mm).
Code 4672, Size 7F, Full Tooth (3.2 mm).
Code 4674, Size 10, (1.6 mm).
Code 4676, Size 15, (1.2 mm).
Code 4678, Size 30, (0.5 mm).
Code 4679, Size 45, (0.05 mm).

Shear Magic Ceramic Top Cutter
Code 4660a, Ceramic top cutter for all major compatible A5 size blades (not narrow or wide blades or size 40 and 45 blades).
Code 4660b, Ceramic top cutter for size 40 and 45 A5 size compatible blades.

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