Pernaease Powder 250gm



Pernaease is made from all natural ingredients including green lipped mussels, abalone, and shark cartilage.

May assist in the relief of arthritic symptoms in dogs of all ages.

Each 2g contains

crude protein 1.1g,
carbohydrate 0.3g,
total fat 0.11g,
ash 0.28g,
moisture 0.06g,
energy 1500kg (358 kcal);
trace elements:
boron 15 microgram,
calcium 60mg,
copper 18 microgram,
iiron 0.4mg,
magnesium 5mg,
manganese 18 microgram,
phosphorus 45mg,
potassium 14mg,
selenium 3 microgram,
sodium 17mg,
zinc 149 microgram,

taurine 45 microgram;
total essential fatty acids:omega 3 32.3 mg (EPA 19mg, DHA 13mg),polyunsaturated 10mg,
monounsaturated 23.6mg;
glycosaminoglycans (GAG):
contains not less than 14% of whichthe predominant GAG is chondroitin sulfate.

Dosage and Administration:

Administer once daily mixed with food or drink.
Up to 10kg: 1.2g.
10 to 20 kg 1.7g.
20 to 30 kg 2.3g.
30 to 40kg: 2.8g.
40 to 50kg: 3.4g.

Powder: 125g, 250g including measuring scoop.

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