Notes from the Grooming Table



Notes from the Grooming Table
An All Breed Guide for the Professional Pet Groomer and Stylist.
Developed by a 20 year veteran Master Pet Stylist, Melissa Verplank – CMG.
Notes from the Grooming Table is designed to make it easy for anyone to comprehend the skills needed to groom any breed of dog. It was created based on years of tested field experiences in a real class room setting at Verplank’s training centre, The Paragon School of Pet Grooming, Inc. The book showcases exceptional artistic representation based on the ideal, written breed standards for every breed. The realism and simplicity captured with each drawing by the illustrator, Lisa VanSweden, is nothing less than brilliant. The result is a true collaboration of skill that will benefit the pet grooming industry, both students and professionals, for years to come.

Notes from the Grooming Table is a wonderful collection of information gleaned from a highly  successful career that has spanned more than twenty years. Notes from the Grooming Table is 495 pages with hundreds images to complement the text. It is packed with information, giving the reader excellent, up-to-date information about technical skills and common trimming practices that accentuate the proper breed profile or safe trimming practices in a pet grooming setting.

Melissa Verplank – Certified Master Stylist, former member of GroomTeam USA, contest grooming judge, industry speaker and Director of The Paragon School of Pet Grooming.White Dog Enterprises product.

General Information: Canine Anatomy, Tools & Equipment, Pre Work, Nails & Ears, Bathing, Drying, Clipping, Brushing, Scissoring, Carding & Hand Stripping, Feet & Pads – Creating a Natural Foot, Structure of a Mat.
Bathing Directions per Coat Type (10 coat types): Smooth Coated… to Corded.
Sporting Group (25 breeds): American Water Spaniel… to Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.
Hound Group (25 breeds): Afghan Hound… to Whippet.
Working Group (21 breeds): Akita… to Standard Schnauzer.
Terrier Group (27 breeds): Aierdale Terrier… to West Highland White Terrier.
Toy Group (22 breeds): Affenpinscher… to Yorkshire Terrier.
Non-Sporting (17 breeds): American Eskimo Dog… to Tibetan Terrier.
Herding Group (18 breeds): Australian Cattle Dog… to Welsh Corgie.
Pet Poodle Styles: Common Pet Poodle Trims, Close Clipper Work, Top Knots, Feet, Clipping in Pattern Lines, Shaping the Cuffs, Ear Styles, Tail.
Drop Coat Styles (Alternatives to breed standard styles for e.g. Maltese, Shih Tzu, or mixed breeds).
Trimming Instructions, Bladed all Trim Styles, Ear Options, Tied-up Topknots, Tails.

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