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Laube Qwik-Change De-Shedder




Laube Qwik-Change De-Shedder

• Easy to pull the rake through short hair, long hair, medium hair, matted/tangled hair, dried muddy hair, blood, dirt, food, stains, feaces, etc.
• Qwik (Quick) and easy blade and comb attachment change. Six attachments available.
• Easy pull ergonomic design with rubber coated handle for a non-slip grip – makes the job go quick.
• Perfect for double coated breeds and shedding animals. Great for removing dead hair, loose hair, and undercoats. Also for manes, tails, and smoothing tangled coats.

Code 4240 – the Complete Kit – includes 1 x handle and one of each attachment.

Laube Qwik-Change De-Shedder
Code 4240i, 1 x handle
Code 4240b  Small, #40 attachment blade (2?/50 mm). For smaller animals or tighter areas.
Code 4240c  Medium, #40 attachment blade (3?/76 mm). For medium animals or to cover more area.
Code 4240d  Large, #40 attachment blade (4?/100 mm). For larger animals or to cover more area.
Code 4240e  Finish comb, (4?/100 mm). For texturising hair or a finishing touch.
Code 4240f  Fluff comb, (3?/76 mm). For fluffing hair or great for double coats.
Code 4240g  Flea comb, (2.5?/66 mm). For removing fleas or smoothing hair.

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