Laube Lazor Clipper Kit 513 (Variable Speed)


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Laube Lazor Clipper Kit 513 (Variable Speed)
(Clipper Kit 503 is the 2-Speed version of this clipper) 
Professional corded clipper kit. Easy upgrade to cordless option.

This clipper model has built-in cord/cordless features. This clipper fits a larger battery pack than the Laube Mini Lazor Clipper Kit 523 so you have a longer clip time when used as a cordless clipper.

• Variable Speed, 2200–9000 Strokes Per Minute. 12 V.
• Length: 190 mm. Weight: approx. 453 g.
• Ultra quiet, ultra smooth clip. Stays cool in your hand.
• Fits compatible detachable A5 size blades.
• Handpiece: hi-tech sealed ball bearing motor, E-Z grip and light weight, impact resistant and sealed to prevent hair and debris from circulating into the clipper or blowing in your face. Has five ultra bright LED lights to make your clipping area easier to see (the nameplate assembly with lights can be replaced with the nameplate assembly without lights, provided in kit). Fits all snap on style conventional blades. Variable Speed Cordpack slots into the bottom of the Handpiece. 2-Speed Cordpacks also available (sold separately). You can convert this clipper into a cordless clipper by attaching a Battery Pack, you will also require a battery Charger (Battery Pack and Charger sold separately).
• 1 year warranty. Made in USA.

Kit includes: Lazor Clipper Handpiece with LED lights (colour: standard yellow), Lazor Variable Speed Cordpack with 12 Volt Transformer for Australia and 5.5 metre cord, 1 x Laube Blade, 1 x Nameplate Assembly with no lights, 1 x Super Duty Lever and a pillow of grease, 1 x Laube cloth bag.


513 and 503 Accessories

Code 4593, Laube Lazor Handpiece 
Handpiece only (with motor and parts installed). You must have a battery pack or cordpack to operate this handpiece.

Code 4596a, Laube Lazor Super 2-Speed Battery Pack
• Fits onto the Lazor Handpiece to convert to a cordless clipper.
• Two speed, 4000 to 10000 SPM.
• Features double thermal safety to prevent over charging.
• Quick recharge in less than 1 hour.
• 11?2 to 3 hour clip time.

Code 4595, Laube Lazor Quick Charger
• Charges the Lazor Super 2-Speed Battery Pack (above).
• Built-in circuit breaker for safety.
• Automatic shut off sensing system.

Code 4598b, Laube Lazor Variable Speed Cordpack
• Fits onto the Lazor Handpiece, runs on mains power.
• Has a built in Laube Transformer.
• Features locking 10 position variable speed control from 2200 to 9000 spm.
• Sealed, lightweight, impact resistant housing, 5.5 m cord, 12 V.

Code 4598c, Laube Lazor 2-Speed Cordpack
• Fits onto the Laube Lazor Handpiece, runs on mains power.
• Has a built in Laube Transformer.
• Features two speeds 4000 to 10000 spm.
• Sealed, lightweight, impact resistant housing, 5.5 m cord, 12 V.

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Laube Lazor 513 kit, Lazor 2-Speed Cordpack, Lazor Handpiece, Lazor Quick Charger, Lazor Super 2-Speed Battery Pack, Lazor Variable speed Cordpack

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