Laube iVAC Clipper Kit 851




Laube iVAC Clipper Kit 851
The revolutionary new iVAC Clipper is here. Super fast blade speed and ultralight. The idea is simple, you supply the vacuum and we supply the clipper and hose. The iVAC Clipper is designed to adapt to any vacuum, from expensive central vac systems to a common Shop Vac. Kit includes 9 adaptors to fit all standard vacuums, Taxi Vacs, Clipper Vacs, Shop Vacs etc.

Imagine not having to deal with hair swirling around the floor, and eating lunch without eating hair! Fleas and other parasites are contained in the vacuum. The airflow over the blades keeps them cool reducing the use of cooling sprays. The suction helps stand the hair up to reduce multiple pass overs cutting down clipping time and the need to comb up the coat while clipping. Scissor trimming to tidy-up the coat after the clip, especially around the legs, will also be greatly reduced as the iVAC will clip these areas much neater than conventional clippers. These clippers will significantly cut down grooming time for each dog which is a real bonus for professionals and will quickly pay for themselves purely by time saved.

• 2-Speed, high and low, 4000–9000 SPMs (Strokes Per Minute). 12 V.
• Length: approx. 177 mm. Weight: approx. 312 g.
• Ultra quiet, ultra smooth clip. Stays cool in your hand.
• Patented lever that will not jam up.
• Hardened ball bearing motor.
• Fits compatible detachable A5 size blades.
• Fits all vacuum systems. Swivel hose and quick disconnect.
• Adjustable air suction control.
• For ultimate cleaner clipping. Sucks away hair, parasites and dander.
• Airflow cools blades and lengthens blade sharpness. Also as the hair is sucked off the blades while clipping this will reduce wear on the cutting surfaces.
• Lightweight and easy to handle
• Patented ergonomically smooth body.
• No visual obstruction while clipping.
• 1 year warranty. Made in USA.

Kit includes: 2-Speed iVAC Handpiece (colour: standard yellow) with 5 m power cord, 5 m hose (swivel vacuum hose with 9 hose adaptors. Hose can be cut to desired length), 1 x Super Duty Lever and a pillow of grease, 1 x Laube detachable blade, and instructions.


iVAC Accessories

Code 4588b, Laube iVAC Deluxe Hose Kit
Laube iVAC Hose Kit for use with Laube Vac-Pac Kit (see Laube General Accessories). This hose and adapters can also be used with the Laube iVAC Clipper 851 (above) if the hose needs replacing.
Kit includes: 1 x Air Valve, 1 x 5 m Hose, 9 iVAC Adaptors, attachment instructions.

Code 4588c, Laube iVAC Hose Declogger
For use with Laube iVAC products only. Helps keep your iVAC Hose clean and free of any sticky debris. For maximum performance this tool will keep the suction of your iVAC System at its peak. It will clean the standard iVAC Hose (up to approx. 5.5 m hose).

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iVac Deluxe Hose Kit, iVac Hose Declogger, iVac Tune Up Kit

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