GroomFX Cable Noose




GroomFX Cable Noose
These Cable Nooses are indispensable for all grooming and bath tub uses. They are made from tough, strong and durable plastic coated steel cable that pets cannot break or chew through. Ideal for the bath as they will not get soggy and wet like nylon webbing products and will not absorb dirt or odours. The neck loop is adjustable using a locking slide mechanism, and has a strong rubber outer sleeve for extra comfort around the neck or belly. Cable Nooses can be used for a variety of situations as depicted in the illustrations below.

GroomFX Cable Noose
Code 3650  Cable Noose, Small (40 cm L)
Code 3651  Cable Noose, Medium (47.5 cm L)
Code 3652  Cable Noose, Large (55 cm L)
Code 3653  Cable Noose, XLarge (62.5 cm L)
Code 3655  Cable Noose Set, all 4 sizes above
Cable Nooses can be custom-made to your requirements.

Noose Guide
For use around the neck.
Choose a noose size that will be suitable for the pet’s neck size e.g. small size for small dogs necks such as Maltese, large size for large dogs necks such as German Shepherd.

No-Sit Set
To create a no-sit set e.g. for a medium dog you will use a medium size for the neck and a large size for the belly. If you are grooming all sized dogs then all 4 sizes will be useful to create no-sit sets.

Woofer Wares also makes a No-Sit Cable Set for small to medium dogs (eg: Maltese, Mini Poodles, Corgie etc). For larger pets, we recommend you create your own using the method outlined in the previous paragraph.

Adding length to nooses
In some situations the length of the noose may not reach your grooming frame or hook set-up. To rectify this situation you could buy a small length of linked chain from a hardware shop and hang this from your frame or wall hook using a double ended trojan hook. You can then attach your grooming noose to any position along the hanging chain. Make sure the chain is of good quality and strong with welded links and large enough to clip the noose onto.  Alternatively nooses can be custom-made to your requirements – extra fees apply.

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