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Our dogs are basically a part of the family. Sometimes, we even treat them like children – adorable, little children that we cannot help spoiling with treats. For the ultimate in pampering, you can buy your canine friends their own set of clothes!

Pet owners love dressing up their canines. It makes their dogs seem more human, not to mention the fact that human clothes on dogs just look incredibly cute. Clothes can also express the personality of the pet, as well as the fashion choices of the dog owner.

There are now several pet stores that carry an amazing assortment of dog clothes – from mittens to hats to sweaters and even boots! Dog owners can really go crazy just trying to decide which outfit looks best on their furry companion. However, most of these stores only carry sizes for smaller dogs. If your pet is rather large, fret not. You can always go online and find a handful of websites that can create custom-made pieces for your furry friend.

When choosing clothes for your pet, comfort and the right fit should be top priority. If you force them to wear outfits that are too tight, these restricts their movements and can make them feel uncomfortable. The result is a very crabby canine itching to get out of his or her clothes.

The clothes that you choose should also reflect your dog’s personality and not just your own fashion choices. If your pet is always friendly, happy, and ready to socialise with other dogs, then bright colours and funky designs would suit him or her well. But if your dog is more of the silent, brooding type, you can dress him or her in more conservative colours. With these simple guidelines, buying clothes for your canine buddy should be easy!

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