How Various Genres of Music Affect Dogs

How Various Genres of Music Affect Dogs Leave a comment

Most people already know that music can affect humans, and this fact has not only been shown in numerous scientific studies, but have also been proven time and again by people’s responses themselves. However, what about our canine counterparts? As they are also an important member of our household, they are also unwittingly exposed to the different kinds of melodies that we listen to every day. If you have ever been curious about how various genres of music can affect your furry charge, read on to find out.

One common type of music that a number of people listen to is heavy metal. In many studies conducted by sound specialists, most of them share similar findings in that this particular kind of music can provoke extreme agitation and nervousness in most dogs, whatever their breed, size, and age. Furthermore, it can also cause them to bark rather excessively. Pop music is also another genre that many people take an interest in; however, according to research, the effects that this type produces in animals is of the negligible sort. You can find good musical options, however, in many classical selections, as these melodies have been found to have calming and soothing qualities on the nerves of dogs. In fact, you can already find a large number of shelters at present that play classical music in their establishments in order to keep their charges still.

Now that you have learned about the effects that these genres of music might produce in your pet dog, this might probably cause you to be a bit more careful about your choices the next time you get the urge to play music in your house.

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